Acceptable Usage Policy

It is important to note that our company is a registered entity and is abide by rules in the country and general ethics rule. While we do not scrutinize emails and data on your services, if any caution is made by judiciary or members of the public, we will uphold to the law and assist the Law enforcement agencies in investigating and gaining access to your data, provided they have Letter or document of authorization from The court or Any Chapter 9 institutions, including but not limited to PP Office. It is important to ensure as a user, you take extra caution of the few points below.

You may not use, or help others to use, the website for any illegal or harmful purposes, including:

  • illegal content – including sharing or advertising child pornography or content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others (such as their copyright or trademarks), inciting or encouraging harm against others, or conducting or advertising illegal transactions (such as selling drugs or promoting unlicensed gambling);
  • fraudulent content – including offering, sharing or promoting false information relating to goods, services, or schemes, or otherwise misleading others in a way that is harmful or illegal;
  • abusive content – including content that is defamatory or vulgar, infringes another’s right to privacy (such as their personal information), or is otherwise unreasonably or objectionable; or
  • destructive content – including content or software designed for the purpose of malicious damage to computers, systems, or data, or to control or otherwise access any of these things.

Where complaints are made by members of the public directly to us, user will be contacted and clarification of this policy will be emphasized and user be warned not to perform any illegal work or help others to, we will not open any cases on behalf of the public with the information, we would only provide available information to the enforcement agencies where required by Law.

All users need to register any sort of business and clarify with the government institutions where applicable if a business that could be raise suspicions of others is to be run to ensure they can continue using our services, such businesses may include but not limited to, offering financial advice, holding cash as a third party and other related businesses.

If such businesses are found to be on our infrastructure, they need to be reported directly to the police and a case be opened, no emails should be sent to us.

Notice!!! All systems restored.
Data moved to different data center.
No domain transfers pending DNS updates are possible, at least for the next 5 days.
30 days cancelation period still needed for those who would wish to move some of their domains out.
Communication to be via email only for period of 2 weeks. Admin@mzansihosting.co.za or Support email