Bulk SMSs in SA

Bulk SMSs in SA

We have been providing this service for years, for the year 2019 the service was temporarily discontinued due a number of internal factors. In the 2020 FY, we are happy to announce the service back. Let us have a quick review below of this service.

What are Bulk SMSs?

Sending SMSs to more than 1 person from your phone is not only costly but time consuming as well. Bulk SMSs is when a company or individual wants to send more than 1 number SMSs for communication purposes.

What Are They Used For?

Bulk SMS system is used for the following:

  • Sending Communication (i.e church meetings, school results or notifications and so on)
  • Sending Marketing SMSs (i.e new product in store, monthly discounts and so on)

In general they are used for communicating messages to groups.

Our system currently is and has been in use even during 2019, by well known colleges, schools and companies. We have identified a growing market on local churches and recruitment companies. This is a great tool to make a company professional while communicating with your clients or group mates.

Our Pricing range from paying 35 cents (In Rands, This is the Max Price You Pay) to Paying Only 18 Cents Per SMS depending on the volume you need. There more SMSs you need the less you.

Verifying Numbers:

The system checks for common SMS failure on a certain number, the system will try verify possibility of this SMS being delivered and will the show validated results to the sender before starting to send SMSs to the numbers. This decreases chances of sending SMSs to numbers that are no longer in use.

Delivery Reports:

The system after sending all SMSs, will compile a report to display to the sender on the dashboard to show how many of SMSs were delivered for that campaign. This assist the sender to then update Database.

Where Can I buy lead Numbers:

There are companies that specialize in keeping these numbers and have Licenses to sell them, unfortunately we are only authorized to provide hosting and SMSs, not leads and databases. We have these number available for, we source them from our trusted suppliers. You just need to specify The details of the leads.

If you need to purchase bulk SMSs for your company or NGO, you can visit Mzansi Hosting

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