Resell Web Hosting Explained.

OK, so maybe you’re a web designer or a developer and you already have some clients. Or maybe you’re a tech graduate and you’re looking to get into an industry with huge potential.

Whatever your situation, if you’re thinking of setting up a web hosting business or add hosting services as part of your offering I’m going to explain just about everything you’ll need to know to hit the deck running.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Well in a nutshell if you’ve got customers that need hosting you can purchase a bulk amount of hosting space and then resell it on to them at a healthy profit.

It’s a great way to build an additional recurring revenue stream for your business.

But what’s really great is that you have zero upfront cost to invest in expensive infrastructure like servers or software licenses.

The way it works is that you get a master admin area where you manage every aspect of your customers’ hosting. You can create hosting plans, give admin rights to users, create accounts and pretty much everything you could do with an actual server but at a fraction of the cost.

Each of your customers gets their own cPanel Control Panel login and there’s no mention of the hosting company so your customers think it’s your server and your service – it’s completely white label.

Don’t worry – we won’t say anything.

Now the key difference between shared hosting & reseller hosting is the ability for your clients to self-manage themselves with their own individual cPanel login.

This means that they’re not contacting you every 5 minutes to create an email account or reset a password because they can do everything themselves.

One of the really neat features is that you can create your own plans like bronze, silver & gold.

That way you can give more to clients who are happy to pay more and you have something for everyone.

One thing you need to be aware of is that you will need to provide 1st line support to your clients. Of course we’re there in the background and we can help with most issues but you’ll need to support them when they have any immediate issues.

If things start to take off then you can even start to automate your hosting business using a hosting billing platform like WHMCS which automates the billing, provisioning and administration of your hosting clients.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser. 

Most hosting companies require that you own your domain in order to host with them. If you do not have a domain, the hosting companies will help you purchase one. 

Here are some features you should be expecting from your hosting provider:
Email Accounts

As mentioned earlier, most hosting providers require users to have their own domain name. With a domain name (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com) and email account features provided by your hosting company, you can create domain email accounts (e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com). 

FTP Access

The use of FTP lets you upload files from your local computer to your web server. If you build your website using your own HTML files, you can transfer the files from your computer to the web server through FTP, allowing your website to be accessed through the internet. 

WordPress SupportWordPress is an online website creation tool. It is a powerful blogging and website content management system, which is a convenient way to create and manage website. WordPress powers over 25% of websites on the internet. Most hosting providers will tell you right away if their plans are WordPress-compatible or not. The simple requirements for hosting your WordPress websites include: PHP version 7 or greater; MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

If you decide to create and host your website with mzansihosting.co.za , in addition to access to the drag and drop site builder, you can get a custom domain, email addresses, and web hosting all.

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