Payment Policy

Payment rules are specified on our General Terms and Conditions but may be suspended by this policy.

No transactions are to be made to any accounts that are not received via our official domain, mzansihosting.co.za or mzansihosting.com These are the only 2 domains used for official communication, no sub domain of these domains would ever be used for accounts or funds communication.

All Bank Accounts,Personal or Business, are valid, only if received from our official emails from the above mentioned domains.

Due to the nature of our business and to strive to keep our prices low, we do have Capitec Account in addition to our FNB Business Account that is used for transactions normally of less figures. This account is valid only if sent from our emails, not from whatsapp or seen on the internet. Your Invoice will come with banking details directly to your email.

Only Online Payment getaway found on mzansihosting.co.za or mzansihosting.com is valid.

Payment getaways redirect to their links when accepting payments, we are not responsible for any loss or damages arising from the payment getaway link, we do use only payment getaways that we trust only.

Payments will not be processed until proof of payment is sent to accounts@mzansihosting.co.za

We reserve the right not to process order or activate services if proof of payment sent is not satisfying, we would only process transaction if proof is sent from official bank email or if funds has reflected with the correct reference number.


Notice!!! All systems restored.
Data moved to different data center.
No domain transfers pending DNS updates are possible, at least for the next 5 days.
30 days cancelation period still needed for those who would wish to move some of their domains out.
Communication to be via email only for period of 2 weeks. Admin@mzansihosting.co.za or Support email