Reseller hosting Hosting Discussed.

What is website hosting reseller or well known as reseller hosting in SA?

Reseller Hosting is when a web developer or aspiring developer or aspiring business person start a business of renting a portion of a server from Hosting provider or ISP and breaking it into his/her packages and sell these hosting packages to end users.

Reseller hosting in SA have not yet reached the world standard. Reason is almost 80% of hosting providers still set their servers in US and sell web hosting packages from these servers. Web developers or Reseller hosting start ups as well watch lot of International Videos to get support and learn more about website hosting reseller business. Reality is we are in South Africa, things are different here.

How to see right Reseller Hosting package to choose?

As a startup you are probably looking for something that is very cost effective, High Quality with Maximum Support. @MzansiHosting we focused mostly on website hosting resellers, if you take a deep look at our reseller hosting packages you find that we offer the most cheapest reseller hosting in SA an 100% White label. The reason we offer 10GB for R90/m with unlimited resources is we are opening a gate for reseller hosting start up businesses. So factors to consider when choosing Reseller Hosting packages are Low Costs to your business, Technology of the server and installed softwares, availability of the Staff AKA Support and Local Servers.

Let us talk about Support.

The main reason you need to buy reseller hosting locally is because you need people you can call everytime you have problems. Most Reseller hosting start ups fail because they go for big packages while they cannot even provide support to themselves, some start ups see International prices being lower than SA prices and think they should take advantage. Website Hosting reseller at the start up level is about Support, you mess up a lot of things in your cPanel and Billing software at the beginning. All you need is a company that is phone call away as tickets take long to be updated, more especially with the companies focusing on ADSL, Servers, Data, Mobile, Email Hosting and Web hosting, reason is simple, they have so many customers with limited staff offering support to various services at one time. As a website hosting reseller start up, you really do not need that. In short, you need to go with a company that offer Quality and real time support, and should be local.

Let us discuss About Billing softwares for web hosting resellers in SA.

Billing softwares are expensive, more especially for start ups. We have been trying to get a solution for our website hosting resellers @MzansiHosting we still are, we have explored  BoxBilling software as it is free, however main disadvantage of it was limited tools in terms of building your own website and linking it to the software. We then explored Clientexec but the same prevailed. However at this time, we have found out about Powerpanel and seems to be working very well but unfortunately expensive, about 18$ per 1000 clients.

This again proves and shows a unique issue that website hosting resellers in SA face in terms of starting up as WHMCS is expensive for start ups. Again in SA there are hosting providers providing Reseller hosting with free WHMCS for less than R500/m. This is one other reason that makes Website hosting resellers working with them fail, because SSD Hosting is a bit costy, but HDD is not. These hosting providers take advantage of start ups by selling them HDD hosting and this render these start ups as failing as they fail to meet with industry changes. As a website hosting reseller, you need to ensure you know where you stand in terms of Industry Latest Technology.

@MzansiHosting you get both billing software WHMCS and 20GB Reseller at a price less than R400. Your reseller package is scalable as you grow.

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